Home Repair Program


Need small, around-the-house repairs? We can help.

Affordable Home Repairs. Cost-Saving Upgrades. Life-Changing Renovations.

Our professional and experienced carpenters have made over 700 repairs throughout the region. In the counties we serve in southeastern Kentucky (Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry), many houses are aging, in need of updated sources of heating and cooling, and/or are not safe and accessible for the inhabitants. We remedy those problems by making those repairs at an affordable price for the homeowner. 

Our program helps low-income homeowners in our area receive home-improving - and often, life-improving - repairs that would be difficult for them to make or afford without our assistance. Many of the homeowners we've helped are elderly, disabled, live alone, or are Veterans. 

We help you get the money you need to finance the repairs, and then we do the work!

Make General Inquiry


Our Process

Step 1.  Apply online now or click here to make a general inquiry about the program.

Step 2.  Check your email or phone. We will be reaching out within a few days. Be sure to respond to our communications in a timely manner, because we receive a substantial amount of requests each week and move clients forward in the process as the client responds.

Step 3.  Gather your documents, and then schedule an in-person meeting by calling 606-436-0497 or by emailing our Repair Program Manager. Your documentation will be verified at this meeting, and we will complete your application for submission.

Step 4.  Once your application is submitted, the approval process can take up to a few weeks. When approved, HDA will visit your home, finalize repair estimates, and schedule a time to begin repairing your home.

What Kind of Work Do We Do?

Inside or outside, our carpenters can make the improvements your home needs. Whether you're looking to grow old comfortably in your home or make it a better, healthier space for you and your family, HDA is here to give you the hand up you've been looking for.


Small Projects

We replace steps, install hand rails and grab bars, build wheelchair ramps and porches, put down new flooring, and more!



We rehab homes by installing new windows, new heating and cooling units, new roofs, bathroom upgrades, and more!

Do You Qualify for
the Home Repair Program?

Our program uses funds from many sources, each having its own set of guidelines and requirements. Most of our clients receive a combination of loans and grants to finance the repairs on their home.

Our Basic Requirement

The home must be owner-occupied. That means that we can't help people repair a
home to move into or help set up a mobile home. The home must be yours, and you must live in it.

Other Requirements:


We check to see which of our funding sources best match what the client wants to have done as well as their eligibility. There is no bottom income limit, but each program has a top income limit based on family size. These limits increase periodically. We are currently piloting an "open market" repair program for households that fall above the guidelines for all of our "income-based" programs.


Some of our programs look at how much money a household is already paying in other lines of credit. *This is only for loan options. This is done mainly to protect the client from future financial stress.


Each loan source has its own requirements. None of them require "perfect" credit, but may require the client to pay collections or charge offs prior to application. We work with Redbud Financial Alternatives to provide financial counseling and other products to help clients get eligible. It often takes both loans and grants to complete all of the repairs.

Scope of Work

Each program has different requirements on what sort of repairs they will fund. Some programs will only fund emergency or accessibility repairs. Also, a few programs require that the home must be brought up to a certain standard in order for any work to be done.

Notes About Income Eligibility

The Housing Development Alliance administers a variety of repair programs, each with different income eligibility requirements.

Each household will need to have some income that can be verified. (Income could be as low as $256 per month, or even lower - it just has to be verified that it is being received.)

The least restrictive program we regularly use has these maximum limits based on gross monthly income:


  •  1 to 4 Person Household – $3,291 per month

  • 5 to 8 Person Household – $4,375 per month

  • Both programs can lend up to $7,500 before a mortgage is required.

Note: There are additional eligibility requirements along with income requirements. Also, each program allows for deductions that can help you become eligible. If you are close to an income limit, please contact us to discuss these deductions.


“They almost had me in tears! It was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had, with all the adults and the young
people who came here for five weeks in a row.”

HDA’s crew removed the 20- year-old, heavily damaged carpet from the home and replaced it with laminate wood flooring. Workers also installed a ramp at the back of Tony’s house so that he could get in and out more easily for his biweekly trips to dialysis.

“(With everything I’ve been through over the last several years), my doctors started asking me if I ever think about (suicide),” he said, his voice quieter and more serious. “I do get down sometimes, but I’m here today and because of the repairs made to my home, I haven’t missed one dialysis appointment yet!”

- Tony Spicer, Veteran

Questions? Contact:

Max Temple, Repair Program Manager

Phone: 606-436-0497