Homeownership Program
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We Build Homes. We Build Dreams. We Build Futures.

Your story begins at home.

So much of everything you will ever do and be will be determined based on where you live. That's why, at the Housing Development Alliance (HDA), we believe that a good, quality, affordable home should be available to everyone. It's where you'll grow. It's where you'll raise a family. It's where you'll spend most of your life. 

We've helped nearly 300 families realize their dreams of owning a new home in Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties (when funding allows, we also build homes in Floyd County) in southeastern Kentucky. And we can help you! The next chapter of your life is just a doorway away.


You pick your floor plan, and we do the work! Our expert builders will construct the home of your dreams, using your choices in design, flooring, paint colors, light fixtures, and more.


We'll get you where you want to be! If you don't already have a piece of land to build on, our Land Specialist works with you to find the ideal spot for your new home.


Our goal is to build you a forever home. That means it should be a house you can afford. All HDA homes are energy efficient (Energy Star Certified) and will save you hundreds of dollars on utility costs!

Who Qualifies?

The HDA Homeownership Program is income-based, which means that we help low-income individuals and families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Typically, we consider:

  • Your income
    We use HUD income requirements.


  • Household size
    *Single folks can apply, too!


  • Credit/Debt
    *Don't let this hold you back! We've helped lots of individuals and families achieve homeownership through credit counseling and debt management. We'll get you where you need to be so that your financial situation does not prevent you from owning a home.


  • Where You Live/Want to Live
    *HDA serves only the counties of Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry in southeastern Kentucky. Occasionally, we have funding available to offer programs and services in Floyd County.

Qualification guidelines can change quite often, and when considering household size, income level, and other unique situations, we prefer talking with families directly. Request more info, and take your first step by contacting us today!

Become a First-Time Homeowner!
Safe & Secure. High Quality. Affordable.

We believe the simple fact of owning your own home can change the future. While we can't promise that owning your own home will open every door and solve all of life's problems, we do believe that making a better life for yourself is easier if you have the strong foundation a good, high-quality home provides.

Examples of HDA Homes
Finished Home
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Final 2


"I've got a safe haven that I can call my own. It's just amazing! I wouldn't take anything for my house or for this crew from the Housing Development Alliance. They're great people. If you need help, they'll do everything in their power to help you. They made a dream of mine come true."

- Susan Adams, New Homeowner

"I had good parents, and my parents would have been wonderful no matter where we lived. But I still know some of the people who lived in the projects before we got an HDA home. Those people had good parents, too, but a lot of them are not doing so well today. I think a lot of the reason I've been successful in life has to do with me getting out of that environment."

- Joy Sebastian, Grew Up in an HDA Home


Talk over the phone with our Housing Counselor to see if you are eligible for our program. If you are eligible, you will begin Housing Counseling to prepare you for homeownership. If you qualify but aren't eligible, we will begin Credit Counseling with you to help you meet eligibility requirements.


Pam Short, Housing Counselor

Phone: 606-436-0497