A Life Reclaimed:

Dorsie's Story

Meet Dorsie Caudill.

Dorsie is a widowed wife, living alone and on a small fixed income in the home her husband built more than 36 years ago. Diagnosed with a bone disease, Dorsie was often confined to the 2nd floor of her home, since the main living quarters are separated from her laundry room, pantry, and main entryway by a 14-step staircase

Since being diagnosed, Dorsie has struggled to maintain both her independence and mobility. When her 20-year-old heating unit finally gave out, she was unsure how she could have it replaced. With winter approaching quickly, a friend recommended she call the Housing Development Alliance (HDA) for help.

Assessing her situation, HDA soon discovered her needs were much larger than that of just needing HVAC repair. Noticing her limited mobility, HDA became concerned about her safety. In talking with Dorsie, she noted she had already fallen four to five times in the last six months on the stairs. So scared of falling again, she often called her family anytime she had to use the stairs. If no one answered, she had to wait until they called back or came to help her.

HDA made accessibility repairs and modifications to help Dorsie get around safely in her home.

Thanks to the generosity of HDA’s supporters, the improvements made to Dorsie’s home have made it so that she can age-in-place safely and comfortably as she enjoys the warmth and safety of her own home. Utilizing more than $3,200 of gifted funds, HDA leveraged an additional $6,785 to replace her aging HVAC system with a highly energy-efficient unit and installed a chair lift in her stairwell. Dorsie now has complete access to every room of her house!

To find out more about HDA’s Home Repair Program, click here.

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