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Voices of Hope: Lindsey's Story

Lindsey King is the first Hope Building trainee to complete a full year’s training and receive all 4 college certificates! She is now a paid intern at HDA and serves as one of Hope Building’s trainers. Check out the video to see more of Lindsey’s inspiring story and find out what the program has brought to her life.

A Home for Us: The Walls Family

A single dad, Richard longed to give his children a better home. The home they were living in had a floor that wasn't level, unreliable and inefficient heating and cooling, and leaks every time it rained. But then he came to HDA. Now, he and his children have a new home of their very own in Gurney's Bend. Read the rest of their story below.

The Road to Better: Korrie's Story

Korrie Shockey and John Haddix never thought owning a home would be possible. Seeking a new and better life together, John encouraged Korrie to reach out to HDA. Now, after becoming new homeowners, Korrie and John feel like they can accomplish even more. Find out how this couple's journey in recovery opened the door to long-held dreams.

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