A Home For Us

Single Dad Richard Becomes Homeowner

When his marriage ended, Richard was left picking up the pieces and trying to figure out how best to support his son and daughter. Wanting to give them stability and a better place to live, he reached out to the Housing Development Alliance.

Richard, a social worker, works long hours and his schedule is often inconsistent. He encounters heartbreaking stories almost daily and nearly all of them involve children.

The home he’d made for his two kids wasn’t ideal. Spaces were cramped, the home’s heating and cooling unit didn’t work properly, water dripped down the walls anytime it rained, and with his yearly salary being less than $40,000 a year, he struggled to make the rent and to afford all of the other costs his single salary had to afford. More than anything, he wanted to be a good provider for his children and give them the home they deserved.

After working steadily with the Alliance’s Housing Counselor for two years, Richard finally saw his dream of a new home come true! Thanks to our partner The City of Hazard and our funders, donors, and supporters, Richard and his kids moved into a two-story home in Gurney’s Bend this spring!

Richard's new home in Gurney's Bend

“My kids love their rooms,” Richard said. “They’d rather be there than around me!”

“I’m just glad we have a good home now,” he continued. “The floor is level and isn’t sinking through. It doesn’t leak or stay too hot or cold. It means the world to me!”

Richard at His Front Door

“I think I speak for everyone in Gurney’s Bend when I say it means so much to have the opportunity to own a home, and it’s incredible to know that so many people were willing to help with that!”

Under Construction

Richard’s new home was built using our Mattalou floor plan.

Closing Day

Richard officially buys his house and is welcomed home by HDA Assistant Director Chris Doll.

Finally Home

Richard stands at the front steps to his new home in Gurney’s Bend.

A Look Inside

Living room with a great view of the neighborhood.

A Look Inside 2

A spacious kitchen – perfect for a dad and two growing kids!

Our House

Richard stands with his children in front of their new home.

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