A Deeper Commitment: Serving 1,000 East Kentucky Families in Just 10 Years!

Annual Report FY2020
July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Our mission is to use the power of housing to transform lives and build a brighter future for our communities.

On The Level

with Executive Director Scott McReynolds


Fiscal year 2020 was certainly a memorable one! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the second half of our year, we were still able to help over 100 families with their affordable housing needs. Did the way we deliver our services have to change? Yes. Did the pandemic affect lumber prices? You bet! However, the pandemic placed an even greater importance on being home, and as we faced challenges, we kept in our minds the fact that you can’t be “healthy at home” if you don’t have a home or if your home is not a good, safe place to live.

Our carpenters and program staff, along with our Board of Directors, went above and beyond to serve our communities in this difficult time, keeping us on track to serve our next 1,000 families in only 10 years! Their work – and your generosity and support – have brought hope and light, and perhaps even more importantly, have been the answer to someone’s prayers and the fulfillment of long-held dreams.

Because of you, we were able to achieve some incredible things this year. We:

  • launched Hope Building, our new training program for men and women in recovery,
  • expanded our services to include affordable housing assistance for middle-income families, who often need help but fall just outside the HUD income limits for our programs, and
  • broke ground with the City of Hazard in Allais, where we will build 15 new homes for low-income families!

While this has been a good year for us and our work, there is still so much yet to do. From the pandemic and a rare spring derecho to folks losing their jobs or even their homes, these trying times have revealed the need for a good home in ways we haven’t seen before. Together, with your help, we will continue to serve Appalachian Kentucky families at a record pace, creating jobs, spurring economic development, and strengthening families through the stability of high quality, long-lasting homes.

As somebody once said, 'A good home is like a bowl - while you can make a cake without a mixing bowl, it's a lot harder than making a cake with one.' So too, while a family can succeed without a safe, sufficient, affordable home, it’s a lot easier to succeed with one. I believe we can rise to the challenge of serving the huge need we see in our mountain communities, but we can't do it without you. Even though new and unexpected obstacles arise every day, we will meet them when they come because our resolve never changes. I hope you will continue to serve the people of East Kentucky with us in 2021, as we work together to frame a better future for our families in need.


R. Scott McReynolds, Executive Director

Building Up to The Next 1,000!

With approximately 40% of families in our area being inadequately housed (people living in substandard housing, overcrowded housing, and people who are cost burdened), HDA has committed to serving 1,000 families in the next 10 years. To put that in perspective: it took us the entirety of our first 25 years in existence to serve our first 1,000 families. So, we are committing to serving our next 1,000 in less than half the time! Why? Because the people of East Kentucky deserve high quality homes they can afford. They deserve to have strong, stable foundations for their families. They deserve to build a better future from within the walls of a secure, healthy, lasting home.

10 Years, 1,000 Families - YEAR ONE

89 Families Served

You've Built 19 Homes in ONE Mountain Community!

Your financial support has built 19 affordable, energy efficient, forever homes in the Brown’s Fork community of Perry County. It’s amazing that together, we have built and shaped an entire community! Each home is someone’s dream, and each of these families now has the stability and solid foundation a good home provides. 

"I don't know why they chose us, but I'm glad they did! We just wanted to own a home. We are so happy! We love the inside of the house - there's so much space. My grandkids are all excited, too. We just appreciate it all so much!" - Jack & Sherry

In the first half of fiscal year 2020, we held our Community House Raising volunteer and fundraising event. Jack and Sherry, who live in the Sixteenmile Creek community of Perry County, were selected to have their new home built during the event. Dozens of volunteers joined our construction crew over six weeks in the fall, building this home from footer to finish. Prior to having this spacious HDA-built home, Jack and Sherry lived in a modest house given to them by family members. Over time, the home’s heating bills proved to be too much for them to pay on a fixed income. Now, living in an energy efficient home, Jack and Sherry can live more comfortably and have more space to play with their grandkids. The couple moved into their new home on March 5, 2020. 

Every home built is a little miracle, and your support is the key to making those miracles happen!

We love it! It’s amazing for our kids to be able to see that we accomplished this. Our four kids even worked alongside us and the HDA carpenters, because we contributed sweat equity. That made everything mean even more, because our entire family helped build this house!

Your Impact

Aside from the support we receive through federal, state, and private grants, our work is made possible by the generosity of our funders and donors. Without you, families in need of affordable housing in East Kentucky would remain in homes they can’t afford, aren’t safe to live in, and/or pose serious health risks to the family.

Funds Raised in FY2020
$ 0

From the 2019 Repair Affair to the emergency repairs made in the spring of 2020, our Home Repair Program, in addition to its normal workflow, helped dozens of mountain families improve the homes they have through home rehabilitations (two or more major repair projects on a single home), critical home repairs, and accessibility repairs. Local and Regional volunteers played a big role in helping us reach so many families. Thanks to funding from the Appalachian Impact Fund (AIF) and the James Graham Brown Foundation, we were able to hire a Repair Program Manager who has greatly improved the efficiency and overall production of this crucial service.

Hover over the photos below for details on each repair project!

Tony & Kerri

HDA’s Repair Crew removed 20-year-old, heavily damaged carpet from Tony (a veteran of the Marine Corps) and Kerri’s home and replaced it with beautiful laminate wood flooring. Workers also installed a ramp at the back of Tony’s house so that he could get in and out more easily for his biweekly trips to dialysis.

“I think they were worried about my congestive heart failure and my kidneys,” Tony said. “They almost had me in tears! It was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had, with all the adults and the young people who came here for five weeks in a row.”

Repair Affair Homeowner

During Repair Affair, at one home in the community of Clear Fork, a volunteer crew that included students from the Hazard High School football team, helped build a back porch for a woman who had no easy access to the back of her home. For over 20 years, a stack of cement blocks had served as steps from the back door, and just last year, the homeowner, now in her 70s, fell from those steps, couldn’t get back up, and wasn’t discovered for nearly four hours.

“We sure appreciate them being here,” the homeowner said. “God bless them. At least, now, I can get outside.”

Deborah's House

HDA construction crews, along with volunteers from Pennsylvania, built Deborah a new roof by replacing all of the sheeting, removing outdated whirlybird fans, putting on new shingles, and installing new gutters.

“The crew was so kind and nice and professional and included some college students who came and worked for a week or two,” Deborah said. “They did very well. They made sure everything was cleaned up before they left, and they put plastic on the roof, in case it rained. They did a great job!”

“I just appreciate all the donors and funders. I’m so thankful for the help,” she said. “God blesses certain people to do things like that.” 

The Tools To Do So Much More

Partnerships & Investments

In the summer of fiscal year 2020, HDA was awarded major funding from the Appalachian Impact Fund (AIF) and the James Graham Brown Foundation. Funds were used to launch the agency’s new Hope Building Program and the campaign to serve 1,000 families in the next 10 years.

“By investing in HDA, we’re helping to offer economic opportunity for all people, while also keeping assets and wealth at home in our local communities.”Lora Smith, AIF Manager

“We are proud to partner with HDA in this endeavor. Every grant we give is made with the aim of creating a brighter future for people throughout Louisville, the city Mr. Brown called home, and Kentucky. A stronger East Kentucky will improve the economic outlook for the entire state. The goals of HDA reflect our belief that a flourishing, vibrant Kentucky is within reach.”Mason B. Rummel, president and CEO of the James Graham Brown Foundation


FY2020 By the Numbers

New Homes
Home Repairs
New Rental Unit
Families Served


Annual Operating Budget


Invested Back Into Local Economy

Hope Building

Thanks to a POWER grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), we successfully launched Hope Building, a paid, on-the-job training program in home construction for men and women in recovery. Substance use recovery experts across the country have said that a steady job is crucial to sustaining a life in recovery. Partnering with Hickory Hill Recovery Center (one of Recovery Kentucky's 14 centers across the state) and Perry County Drug Court, we welcomed our first group of trainees, who received a solid work reference, college certificates from HCTC, and helped build new homes for middle-income families who are often in need of affordable housing but fall just outside the income range for assistance.

"It’s good to be doing something. Even if it’s in the mud, the wind, and the rain. I'm so grateful, because this program has made a big difference in my life. To anybody that’s sitting still and feels like they’re not growing, you definitely need to move into something like this!"

David's Story

Read David's beautifully told story about his experience as a Hope Building trainee. After completing his training, David went on to gain full-time employment in Knott County. His recovery journey continues.

Meeting the Needs of Our Communities

Summer Internship

In the summer of 2019, we welcomed four Construction Technology students from HCTC onto our crew as paid summer interns. Thanks to funding from the Berea College Appalachian Fund, they received six weeks of relevant, real world experience and training in carpentry and construction (worksite safety, framing, roofing, concrete form building, home repair, energy efficient construction techniques, and more). HDA’s experienced crew of professional carpenters provided on-site supervision, teaching the interns the basic construction skills they’d need to supplement the education they’re receiving at HCTC and bridge the gap between going to school and landing a job.

Emergency Home Repairs

A destructive windstorm ripped through East Kentucky in early 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic was making itself known in our region. The storm left behind damaged homes and reeling residents, who were forced to stay "healthy at home" in homes that were in significant need of repairs. In order to assist struggling families, HDA offered no-cost emergency home repairs to families who qualified for the service. Read the rest of the story below.

“This was a fun and interesting learning experience. You actually get hands-on training. I learned a little more every day. We built nice houses for low-income people – it felt so good to be a part of that!”
HDA Summer Intern

Building Communities

The Allais Redevelopment Project Begins!

Land development in the Allais section of Hazard, KY.

There are so few houses in this area that are built and sold for less than $200,000 - $250,000. So many folks in our area want to be homeowners but can’t afford to buy homes at those prices on the salaries they make. It’s hard to afford a house when you’re making $10 to $12 an hour. This project gives us an opportunity to build 15 affordable houses for families in Perry County.”

The City of Hazard is clearing the land in Allais at Hopper Circle, getting it ready for the summer of 2021, when HDA will begin building affordable homes for families interested in living in the area. The land is being developed by local engineer Hank A. Spalding. 

Thank You to Our Funders!

in alphabetical order

Appalachian Regional Commission
Berea College Appalachian Fund
Delores Barr Weaver Fund
E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund
Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky (FAKY) – Perry County Community Foundation
Home Depot Foundation
Kentucky Colonels Foundation
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church
Thompson Charitable Foundation
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK)
WellCare Health Plans of Kentucky

Thank You to Our Donors!

in alphabetical order

AEP Kentucky Power District
Adam & Ashley Johnson
Adina Abramowitz
American Business Systems
Amy Doll
Angie Chan
Annie Williams
Betsy Clemons
Bray & Brandi Scroggins
Chris Gooch CPA
Community Trust Bank
Craig’s Heating & Cooling
Dakota Noble 
David Logsdon
Debra Ann Combs
Dee Davis & Mimi Pickering
Derek & Brittany Lewis
Dr. J. Marvin Jolly, Sr.
Dr. James M. & Judy Jolly, Jr. 
Dr. Jay & Gayle Box
Eddie Sherman
Edgar Whitaker, Jr.
Edward M. & Mary Ellen Grigsby
Emily Hudson
Fred & Ruth Skaggs
Hazard Check Exchange
Hazard Community & Technical College (HCTC)
Hazard/Perry County Tourism
Helen Wells
Home Lumber Company
Home Lumber Redi Mix
Janet Prater-Smith
Jason Turner
Jeanne Marie Hibberd
Jennifer Sandlin
Jerry & Mary Ann Doll
Jim & Tammy Ekrut
Jimmy & Sondra Maggard
John & Kathy Doll
Julie Rose Akemon
Justin Perkins
Kathryn Beach
Kentucky Farm Bureau – Derrick Bowling

Larry & Sally Monroe
Larry King
Lawrence & Jennifer Glaser
Les & Maggie Roll
Less Tax
Linda Blair
Louis Irvin & Carolyn Davis
Major Tim Cory
Margaret Yoke
Marilyn Harris
Martin Douthitt
Matthew & Michelle Doll
Medaris Law Office
Michelle Jones
Mike & Winnie Beach
Mindy Miller
Oscar & Marjory Britt
Pamela Sebastian
Pat Lindon
Paul & Arlene Baker
Perry County Ambulance Authority
Perry Distributors, Inc.
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church
Rhonda Combs
Richard & Gail Westman
Robert Donnan
Robin Gabbard
Roger & Barbara Wrisberg
Ronnie & Lou Ella Farler
Russell Oliver
SYKES Enterprises, Inc.
Sayoko Owen
Scott & Janet McReynolds
Sonya Combs
The Mountain Real Estate Company
Timothy & Madeleinne Baker 
Todd Morgan
Tom & Letha Patterson
Tom & Marjorie Weeber
Tony & Melissa Brashear
Troy & Jennifer Rapp
United Methodist Church of Macedonia (OH)
Vera Faye Hopper
Vicki Knott

Honors & Memorials

Gifts in Honor of

David & Susan Duff by Ms. Betsy Clemons
Trey, Kristian & Aldon Jolly and Alex & Savannah Jolly by Dr. James M. & Judy Jolly, Jr. 
Co-workers at XTO Land Department by Mr. Jim & Tammy Ekrut

Gifts in Memory of

Mr. Billy Ray Day by Mr. Timothy Baker
Mr. Bud Combs by Ms. Debra Ann Combs
Ms. Mary Dawhare by Mr. Jimmy & Sondra Maggard
Mr. John Owen by Ms. Sayoko Owen
Mr. Edgar and Beatrice Whitaker by The Mountain Real Estate Company (Mr. Edgar Whitaker, Jr.)
Mrs. Joyce Jolly by Dr. J. Marvin Jolly, Sr.
Ms. Joann Davis by Dee Davis & Mimi Pickering
Mr. Ricky Westman by Mr. Richard & Gail Westman

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

in alphabetical order

AEP Kentucky Power District
Ben Braman
Bike & Build Inc.
Boston College
Butler University
First Presbyterian Church – Hastings, Nebraska
First United Methodist Church – Champaign, IL
Hazard High School
HDA Staff & Families
Hickory Hill Recovery Center
Knott County Drug Court
Melissa Brashear
Newlonsburg Presbyterian Church (PA)
Perry County Central High School JROTC
Perry County Drug Court
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church (NC)
Redbud Financial Alternatives Staff
St. Joseph’s University
Temple University Honors Program
Tom Weeber & Bob Redlinger
United Methodist Church of Macedonia (OH)

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The work HDA does for low-income families in East Kentucky is not possible without grants and our donors and funders. Your help can give even more families high quality, long-lasting, affordable homes. Help us serve our next 1,000 families in record time!


We build because every East Kentucky family deserves a home they can afford. Give to HDA and help families get a brand-new home or improve the home they have.


Whether you’re from near or far, with HDA, you have the opportunity to build in the hills of East Kentucky and help transform whole families and communities!

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