Work Site Rules

  • Please read & make yourself very familiar with HDA's Work Site Rules. They are for your safety and for the safety of others. When you arrive to serve with HDA, your Group Leader will be provided a hard copy of the Work Site Rules for easy reference and refreshers, when needed.

    1) Always put your safety and the safety of those around you first. Ask your carpenter, “What is the safest way to do this?”

    2) All volunteers must wear long pants, full-length shirts, and sturdy, closed-toe shoes at the worksite. No shorts or capris, no bare midriffs (women or men), no sandals, no cut-out/cut-off sleeves - no exceptions. You will not be able to work if you do not adhere to the dress code. This is for your safety and to present sensitivity in the community.

    3) One volunteer vehicle must remain at the worksite at all times during the workday for emergencies. Please plan in advance for ice and water.

    4) No horseplay at the worksite. We want you to have fun but also understand that worksites are full of safety hazards. Horseplay also takes away from others who want to work. You will be asked to leave the work area if you decide not to work.

    5) Respect other people’s property. Recognize that something that may look like garbage to you, is valuable to someone else. Remember that you are in a community that may be different from what you are used to - practice sensitivity.

    6) Practice proper tool use! Ask your carpenter for help first, and then try it yourself if the carpenter gives you permission. Never stick your hands into anything that is moving, such as a mortar mixer. Ask your carpenter how to properly handle any chemicals/compounds you may be handling at the worksite, such as concrete mix.

    7) Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing but let yourself try new things (with guidance from our carpenters). You will be surprised at how much you can learn and do in one week!

    8) Pay attention to what those around you are doing. In a tight space, use verbal queues to let everyone know where you are and what you are doing. Ex: “I’m behind you.” “I’m dropping shingles off the roof.”

    9) Ask a carpenter before climbing onto a roof or walk board. Make sure there is room for you, that the surface can hold you, and that you are aware of any soft spots/other hazards.

    10) Avoid creating worksite hazards. For instance, pull nails out of boards when making a dump pile.

    11) Everyone must help keep the worksite clean. Worksite cleanup is one of the most important projects you will do each day. A clean worksite is safer than a cluttered worksite!

    12) Remember, for safety reasons, HDA Carpenters are in charge of the worksite. The Lead Carpenter has the final word and can ask you to move to the rest area or leave the worksite, if needed.

    13) For privacy purposes, no video equipment or cameras are permitted on the worksite without direct permission from the Volunteer Coordinator.

    14) Do not bring expensive belongings. We will not be responsible for your personal belongings if they are damaged or lost.

    15) Please return all HDA hammers at the end of the day to our carpenters.

    16) Carpenters will designate a rest area. If you need to take a break, please hang out in the rest area only. This is for your safety.

    17) All Groups will have a Group Leader (GL). We encourage everyone to hang out with the carpenters! But in case you have a concern, take it to your GL, and your GL can take it to the carpenters.

    18) Last but not least, take pride in your work and do your best! You're helping make life better and the future brighter for an Appalachian Eastern Kentucky family or homeowner in need!
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