The Power of Housing: The Baker Family

The Bakers on the front porch of their new home

Low-income families, like the Bakers, have been hardest hit by many of the challenges we’re facing now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These families are the ones most likely to lose their jobs and possibly even their homes. And, for some families, who are not as lucky as the Bakers, having to stay at home so much – in a house that is in dire need of repair, has no running water, has no effective source of heating and cooling, and/or presents unsanitary living conditions – is itself a threat to their health and well being.

Support from our donors and funders helped Benny and Jennifer Baker build a home they could afford for their four children. Before meeting Benny, Jennifer was a single mom, who held a full-time job while earning a bachelor’s degree and raising her three children. Then, after marrying Benny three years ago, they decided to do everything they could to give their four kids a better home. Meeting roadblocks at every turn, they finally made their way to HDA.

“HDA talked to me about what all I had to work on in order to own a home, and I was ready,” Jennifer said. “I was like, okay, let’s do it!”

Through HDA, Benny and Jennifer got the housing counseling they needed to learn how to pay down their debts and build up their credit. In just over a year, the Bakers moved into their new home!

The Bakers and their kids are overjoyed with their 3-bedroom house, which is located in the Lost Creek community of Perry County.

The Bakers picked this community, because it was close to Benny’s family and is a nice, quiet, and safe neighborhood in which to raise kids. Like most mountain families, the Bakers enjoy sitting out on their front porch and enjoying the view and the comforts of their home.

“We love it! It’s amazing for our kids to be able to see that we accomplished this,” Jennifer said. “Our kids even worked alongside us and the HDA carpenters, because we contributed sweat equity. That made everything mean even more, because our entire family helped build this house!”

Your funding helps in ways you can't anticipate through the power of housing!

Benny and Jennifer Baker wanted to set an example for their kids - that if you want something bad enough and work hard enough for it, you can accomplish your dreams.

Jennifer and Benny said they've both learned a great deal from HDA's homeownership process. Jennifer, who already holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, plans to also work as a certified financial planner and is furthering her studies towards a Business Law degree.

Now, the Bakers’ eldest daughter, who recently turned 16, is determined to have her own home. That's the power of housing! It affects every member of a family positively, making the entire family unit stronger.

Find out more about HDA’s Homeownership Program and how you can apply here


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